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Size Brand Year Make Model  
WHEEL custom rims directionchrome rims direction Ferretti

Chrome Pinnacle Rims Collection

chrome rims, custom rims Bellagio 276
Chrome Rims Bellagio 276
chrome rims, custom rims Monaco 374
Chrome Rims Monaco 374
chrome rims, custom rims Taranto 372
Chrome Rims Taranto 372
chrome rims, custom rims Visconti 903
Chrome Rims Visconti 903
chrome rims, custom rims Messina 770
Chrome Rims Messina 770
chrome rims, custom rims Palermo 781
Chrome Rims Palermo 781
chrome rims, custom rims Torino 969
Chrome Rims Torino 969
chrome rims, custom rims 969
Chrome Rims 969

Want a wheel , that is dependable, and will catch eyes, well i have the perfect wheel for you, our remarkable Pinnancle wheels. The Pinnacle Wheels we carry is range from 17 inch to 24 inch. The Pinnacle wheel styles are vary, they come in different designs and came come in different chrome variation.. They all are well designed by professional hands.. Chrome wheels of Pinnacle Elite is very hot item, leaving on a lot of vehicles lately. Pinnacle Elite designed with seven mind-blowing chrome spokes and it's available in size 20 inch is 15 RWD and 34 FWD.The Pinnacle wheels style Gitana is the other favor chrome wheel, seems to be another hard hitter with car owners. The Pinnacle Gitana are available in size 20 with 15 RWD 34 FWD and size 22 with 15 FWD.

Need tires for your set of wheels, dont worry we can assist you with that too. The Wheel and Tire package can be offered for any styles of Pinnacle wheels, even the ones you are about to buy. You can save a lot of money by ordering a whole wheel and tire package since we offer FREE professional mount and balance and all lugs, center caps, dont pass up that offer, you know you cant beat FREE professional mount and balance and all lugs... If you can't find the tire and wheel package offer for these wheel. Please email us: Ask for Pinnacle wheel and tire package, and with no problem we will match you up with your dream wheel.

Dont settle on one wheel to fast , because we have a very nice collection of wheels, that reall give your vehicle that unique look. The Pinnacle rim styles include: Pinnacle Lex, Pinnacle Massiah, Pinnacle Extreya, Pinnacle Rio, Pinnacle Elusive, Pinnacle Vertigo, Pinnacle Lusir, Pinnacle Bella, Pinnacle Turbo, Pinnacle Venice, Pinnacle VIP, Pinnacle Mantis, Pinnacle Spade, Pinnacle Halo. Chrome wheels, black wheels and silver wheels are available. Somewhere with us you will find your dream wheel.

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